It’s the time of the year again!
Time to book your weekend trip to one of the Christmas wonderlands – the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.
The famous Christmas markets are something everyone should experience, and they definitely are worth taking a flight to another country, just to experience the magic of them.
Here’s our updated list : Best Christmas Markets 2019.

Christmas market

Tallinn, Estonia, Nov 15.2019 – Jan 7.2020
Tallinn Christmas market must have one of the prettiest locations : the Town Hall Square in the Old Town of Tallinn, which itself looks like a Santa’s village on Christmas Time.
The market is decorated with Christmas trees , lights and other decorations. The wooden stalls are all decorated and offering all kinds of Christmas treats, food, drinks, handmade goods and other Christmas things – basically whatever you would expect from a Christmas market.

Not to forget the live music, dancers and other Christmas shows at the big stage – and of course the Santa himself.
Let’s not forget the huge, beautiful Christmas tree, that has been set up since the year 1441, which according to Visitestonia.com makes it the first Christmas tree ever to put on display in Europe.

Also the younger ones will have a plenty of things to do and see: the market is full of fun for the whole family!
No wonder Tallinn Christmas Market was voted The Best Christmas Market in Europe 2019.

cinnamon at Christmas market

Strasbourg, France, Nov 22. 2019 – Dec 30.2019

The first Christmas market took it’s place in Strasbourg, South France in 1570.
That makes Strasbourg’s Christmas market one of Europe’s oldest ones.
Strasbourg is also called “A Capital of Christmas” which tells a lot already.

Today you’’ll find 11 locations and over 300 stalls, which means that you’ll find every single thing you could ever hope for a Christmas Markets.
None of these markets are far from ech other, and you can easily walk through them and from one to another.

This beautiful city with it’s pretty streets, buildings and houses looking like postcards is the perfect location for seng the Christmas mode on and living a few days or a week in a pretty Christmas fairytale.

christmas market

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark, Nov 16. 2019. – Jan 5. 2020

Copenhagen’s historical Tivoli is a must see at any time of a year but at Christmas time it’s something truly magical.
The whole garden is decorated with thousands of lights and baubles and more than 1000 christmas trees. Yes, more than 1000.
The garden area itself is breathtakingly beautiful. not to mention all the shows during those days -and December 25, 26 and 31st amazing fireworks, but let’s not forget the market.
There you’ll find all kinds of handmade Christmas delicacies and products, hot drinks, sweets, decorations, gifts…and of course the Santa himself with his reindeers.

Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Wien, Nov 15.2019 – Dec 26.2019

To get the real Christmas spirit in Vienna, there’s only one place to go:
The Viennese Dream Christmas Market.
The market is located in front of the City Hall and the surrounding area itself brings a little extra magic to the market.
Atmosphere in there is peaceful -especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when you can listen choirs singing while enjoying your warm Christmas drink.
This must be one of the most beautiful locations for a Christmas market.

Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Nov 25.2019  – Dec 31.2019

We all love German Christmas markets, don’t we? This is the real deal.
If you can only choose one market to go in Berlin, this is the one.

The location is amazing, between The Deutsche Dom, the Konzerthaus and the Franzozische Friedrichstadtkirche.

Beautiful and delicious handmade goods, music, lights, beautiful work of many kinds of artists, food, drinks.. We would call this a real Christmas village. They have it all and more.

Not only the market’s products but the entertainment around the market will make the experience unforgettable.

Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí), Prague, Czech, Nov 30. 2019 – Jan 5. 2020

Last year the Christmas markets at Old Town Square was ranked as one of the TOP 10 Christmas markets in the world. Convinced yet?
Especially we want to mention all handmade products like toys, decorations and little gifts.
Also the food made by locals is something you won’t find anywhere else.
We recommend you to go local -Czech Christmas delicacies are something you’ll find yourself missing sooner than you know.
Enjoy the market, find some unique gifts, try some fresh baked Christmas goods and enjoy the music and beautiful dance performances.
This market is also a great choice with children. Take the little ones to workshops and say hi to little animals like sheep and some others.