How to take the most out of those beautiful, lively days and nights in Mykonos?
Where to enjoy the champagne cocktails and that little bit of extra luxury?
How about that sunset dinner or the best beach party of them all?

The beach club game is indeed strong in Mykonos, but how to find the mest ones to enjoy your time to the fullest?
Here comes our TOP 5 – all worth the visit.
Unforgettable days and nights guaranteed.

You’ll find links to the homepages & Instagrams – and of course the reviews below!

hippie fish terrace


If you could go to one beach club in Mykonos, this would be the one to go.
Bar, lounge and restaurant area, the sun loungers (in 2 floors), the unique, bohemian design and and we would say: the best beach parties around.
This is the club we’ll keep coming back to every time visiting Mykonos from now on.
Evenings must be our favorite time to visit, to enjoy the dinner at the restaurant offering (delicious) Mediterranean cuisine and friendly, welcoming service.
After the dinner it’s time to enjoy a cocktail or two, and join the people getting together to enjoy the sunset, the music and the drinks at the sun lounge area.
International DJ’S are playing till the late evening, and all this together just makes it impossible not to have the time of your Mykonos life.
As expected, the restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine. Great food, friendly service.
The Scorpios is not only a lovely place to enjoy the sunset and parties, but it offers a great experience and enjoyable time through the whole day.

scorpios club mykonos


Nammos is known as the club that many celebrities favour.
This is the place to go to enjoy some high class service and perhaps a glass of champagne or coctails an the luxurious setup and the beautiful beach.
In the afternoon the DJ’s start playing, and the party keeps going till the late evening.
There are also the private  “Cabanas” that each include a private outdoor Jacuzzi, endless champagne and gourmet meals. Also other VIP services like private yach drives and other facilities are found here at Nammos.
Extra luxury? Here in Nammos you can have it all.
If you’re not in the mood the full experience and late night parties, the restaurtant itself is a nice experience. To get a bit of the Nammos feeling head for a sunset dinner one night.


This is the place with a laid back atmosphere, lovely bohemian setup and probably one of the most delicious menus. Organic, Greek dishes with a fresh, creative flavours. And of course coctails matching the menu!
At the daytime Alemagou is the place to enjoy the joyful feeling and great music and perhaps a couple coctails at the outdoor bar or the comfy and pretty sun lounge on the beach.
The restaurant terrace offers a nice area to enjoy outside but have some nice shadow, if needed.
In the evening Alemagou turns to one of the best beach parties around.
It’s unique setup on the sand by the sea, warm lights, happy people and great music together guarantee a party to remember.

Alemagou beach club


Located by one of the most beautiful beaches, Hippie Fish Beach Club with it’s brilliant Hippie Fish Restaurant and Hip Mixology bar offer you the best spots to enjoy a nice evening after a long day discovering Mykonos attractions.
The best time to arrive is before the sunset, so that you can enjoy the dinner and find a comfy spot on the beach to enjoy your drink and the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen.
For great food and relaxing, jovial evening come to the Hippie Fish.
You can even put your feet up and enjoy the sunset at the hammoch on the beach.
On Hippie Fish’s home page they have put it this way: a space where people can come to relax, enjoy the sun and sea, have a great meal or dinner, a great cocktail and forget about the every day worries of life.”
Yup, we agree.

hippie fish restaurant
hippie fish restaurant terrace
hammocks at the beach in mykonos


Elegant, fascinating, luxurious.
Yes, this must be the other one ox our bit more luxurious choices on the list.
We love the fact, that every single detail of your experience will be pleasant, and the little extra luxury is everywhere – remember, it’s on the prices here too.
Anyway, for one seeking for this bit of an extra luxury it will be worth it.
The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and enjoyable – all the little details and the quality, and the perfect summary of them all are what make the luxury.
Even the famous Meltemi winds have been taken into account – the protected location makes sure you won’t be bothered by them.
Principote Club works very well for both: the daytime relaxation and freshening, and the late night parties.
For the perfect sunset party this place should definitely be on your list!

sunset drinks at a terrace