Kapari Natural Resort, Santorini Greece

Oh Santorini, you beautiful little thing.
The Caldera is so awesome it probably shouldn’t be allowed to exist; viewed from the top of a giant chocolate fondant with bits of white icing sugar peppered here and there as little Greek villages turned into set props in what seems to have become the Instagram generation’s number one bucket list destination. The sunsets really are that beautiful and as long as the great world continues to spin, the crowds will come and worship our setting star.

santorini sunset and a boat

The Quiet Village

Stay in Thira (Fira) and feel the daily wrath of the plague of locusts that swarms the town from the visiting cruise ships and brings along with it thousands of selfie sticks and bad hips.
Stay in Oia and good luck even breathing during sunset, when all flat surfaces are covered in humans.

This is why Müd prefers Imerovigli, situated more or less between the two and known as The Quiet Village. Here you will not only have the best views of the Caldera and the famous sunsets, you can enjoy them in relative peace from what is also known as “The balcony to the Aegean”, being built on the highest point of the caldera cliffs, about 300 meters above sea level.
The village itself is tiny but has all basic amenities and also some of the best food on the entire island; the general rule being that anything with a view will be expensive and average, anything without a view will be more affordable and most likely tastier. We had dinner at a restaurant called Avocado twice, so good it was. Of course it’s also probably worth splurging out on one sunset dinner as well and for that, the Kapari Natural Resort restaurant is a splendid choice.

santorini white church

Kapari Natural Resort

We stayed in the honeymoon suite at the Kapari Natural Resort (upgrades for Mr&Mrs Smith Goldsmiths are nice!), the only Greek member of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World. Kapari boasts maybe the best views on the whole island as it’s approximately at Imerovigli’s highest point, looking towards the caldera. It’s all round shapes and soft curves, with soft furnishings matching with the ochre and light brown tones, which stand out from the usual sugar cube white style so synonymous with the style of housing seen on Santorini.

There are only 14 units of accommodation and the one we stayed in enjoyed a semi-private courtyard perfect for some light lunch in the shade and a spacious rooftop terrace with three jacuzzis and loungers. The amount of space allocated for these is extremely generous given the fact that everything is rather cramped and on top of each other in Santorini. It really did feel very luxurious to be able to watch the sunset from a jacuzzi without anyone disturbing (although you can always see and hear at least 20 closest neighbours in Santorini, that’s how cosy it is!)

the quiet town in santorini
santorini hotel pools

The Honeymoon Suite and more

The suite itself is also massive; a deep cave like most of the properties units, which felt very exotic at first but after a couple of days, felt a bit basic given the amount of money it cost. Also, for a honeymoon suite, it was quite strange that there were twin beds rather than a king-sized version to snuggle up like lovebirds in this most romantic of destinations. Amenities were also quite basic given the above. The communal pool is small and crowded but given the fact that we could luxuriate on our own private terrace, we didn’t feel the need to squeeze in anyway.

We looked forward to each morning and the sumptuous breakfast served on the restaurant terrace, again boasting the most breathtaking views maybe in the whole world, with fresh local pastries, fruits, yogurt and a fantastic a la carte for eggs and pancakes, all delivered with a smile and fun chat.

It’s hard to call Kapari Natural Resort great value for money as rooms start from around 500 euros a night but given the general price level on the island it could be argued worth the cost. We say; smoke em’ if you got em’!

Kapari natural resort honeymoon suite
Kapari natural resort honeymoon suite
Kapari natural resort honeymoon suite

Müd’s extra tips to Santorini

Müd tip – take a hike to Oia and soak in the sun and views.
It will take around two to three hours with a break for some refreshments in between. Instead of Ammoudi Bay (which is very popular for tourists looking for seafood), seek out tiny Armeni bay and the one restaurant there. It will most likely be the best fish dinner of your entire stay.

santorini view
santorini seafood

Müd stayed at Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini Greece is early June 2019 and we booked through Mr & Mrs Smith.