It’s probably quite obvious at this point, that we have fell in love with the Cyclades Archipelago, especially a couple of it’s islands. What you didn’t know yet, is that we did not only fall in love with Santorini and Mykonos, the famous beauties of the Greek islands, but a few others too.

Now, it’s time to tell you a little bit more of our TOP 5 list of those islands!
We found it really hard to put them in any specific order, so we’ll just drop the 5 here randomly.

Also – we’ll share our best tips when it comes to hotels in these islands. You’ll find Müd’s favourite hotel on every island here!


Andros is one of the Greek islands closest to Athens, which means it’s one of the easiest islands to visit – takes only a couple hours by a ferry to get there from Athens.
Also it has become one of the most popular islands to visit.
The location and popularity would leave you thinking about a crowded, busy place too close to the city life, but it’s nothing like that actually.
Andros is the perfect place to go for a little getaway from the busy city life, like a few days unwinding after a city vacay in Athens.
Mountains, beautiful landscapes, turquoise water, pretty little villages, shops and restaurants.
Everything is down to earth and you can feel the life of the older centuries in the air – there’s actually a lot to see for one craving some historical beauty and picturesque, old buildings and sights.

For an art lover there’s The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary art, famous for it’s yearly exhibitions, including world famous works of artist like Picasso and Matisse, for example.

Müd’s hotel tip : Mèlisses Andros for the unforgettable stay.

Andros Greek Islands
Andros streets Greek Islands


Of course. 
You’ll find our whole Mykonos series from the following links: Mykonos & Santorini review, Boheme Mykonos Hotel review, TOP 5 Mykonos beach clubs & Shopping in Mykonos.

To give you some extra tips, we would recommend renting a scooters or a car, to go around the Island and get to see a bit more of the areas outside the narrow city streets.
Take a ride around and find the perfect beach for a day – there are plenty of them a couple miles away from Mykonos town.
Also, to see some more life outside the busy streets of Mykonos town, visit Ano Mera.
Lovely village, perfect for a day visit!

Müd recommendation: for our stay, we booked the Boheme Hotel Mykonos through Mr&Mrs Smith.
Highly recommended.

mykonos streets shopping


Our Santorini articles you find here: Mykonos & Santorini Review, What to do in Santorini, Kapari Natural Resort Santorini review.
Santorini is gorgeous, as we all know. Also, it has a lot of interesting, historical attractions, and other things to see and experience.
It’s lively, and has a lot to offer for every visitor.
It’s also one of the most famous ones of the Greek Islands, which makes it a lively and even crowded at times.

That’s one of the reasons we loved our location on our stay – Imerovigli, the Quiet Village.
We stayed in Kapari Natural Resort, booked through Mr&Mrs Smith.

view over santorini
view over santorini buildings
Kapari natural resort santorini


The first thing coming to your mind when scrolling through the pictures of Zakynthos when booking your trip is a paradise island.
Sandy beaches, turquoise water, palmtrees, luxurious hotels.. the reasons Zakynthos has become one of the most famous Greek islands also.
As expected, the popularity of this paradise island has it’s effects, like heavy tourism at especially the southern and southeastern sides of the island.
When booking your visit to this little paradise on earth, do a proper research to be sure you’ll get the place and the peace you might want to enjoy on your holiday in the paradise.
You don’t need to get far from the heavily packed side to find some amazing natural countryside, quieter beaches and beautiful resorts with the most amazing views and surroundings – the turquoise water and the rocky cliffs.

For the luxurious, relaxing and peaceful stay in this paradise island there’s one place that has it all: Olea All Suite Hotel.
Also booked through Mr&Mrs Smith.

zakynthos caves
zakynthos villa


Last but definitely not least – actually one of our forever favourites.
When we first did our research of Naxos, someone had called the island “easy like a Sunday Morning” and we find that perfectly described.
Naxos has it all – in convenient doses.
Probably the most beautiful beaches of all Greek Islands, beautiful countryside with all the fruits and fields, and the charming, friendly and laid-back  athmosphere.
The great thing is, that regardless of it’s numerous treasures Naxos has kept it’s peaceful life and is not packed with heavy tourism. Of course it has it’s lively months too, but considering it’s location near Mykonos, and fast access to the other Cyclades islands, it seems to be taking that all pretty well, still keeping it’s charming, original life and atmosphere alive!
Naxos is the big, beautiful  island of amazing beaches, charming historic castles and churches, traditions and little villages.
There’s no better way or a place to enjoy your stay in Naxos to the fullest, than the Naxian on the beach.
Again booked through Mr&Mrs Smith.

naxos greece street view Naxos old building naxos Greece view