Summer in Europe

Little by little, the summer in Northern Europe starts to turn to its end… not quite yet, but soon the warm days are over and the leafs start falling off the trees. In south, we still have a bit more of the summer left.
Anyway, now it’s time to book your last minute flights to the Northern part.

On this article, we will go through our favourite destinations in Europe this year.
Find the best cities, hotels to stay and a lot more below!

summer destinations in Europe

City destinations in Europe

First, it’s time to take the most out of the amazing summer cities! There’s nothing like the European city summer.
Let’s book that last minute flight and go enjoy the gorgeous summer cities of Europe.
You find our 2019 favourites here: BEST SUMMER CITIES IN EUROPE.

Also, if you can’t make it to these summer cities right now, don’t you worry.
The beautiful and warm days are still there for a while, and some of the cities are offering their best still for a few months – not all of them are at their best only in the summer. Find the most amazing autumn destinations in Europe here: BEST AUTUMN DESTINATIONS IN EUROPE .

Stockholm streets in summer

South Tyrol tips

One of our all time favourites is -and will always be- Italy.
There are a couple places that have been the highlights of our year, and the best thing is, these places are amazing at every time of the year.
When deciding the time of visiting, these articles might also be helpful : SUMMER IN SOUTH TYROL
Müd’s founder Miko actually had quite a trip around the area. ROAD TRIP TO SOUTH TYROL AND BACK is not only a fun trip to read about, but a helpful one plaing your own adventure in the area!
Also, our two all time favourite hotels in Merano, South Tyrol are absolutely these two: OUR TWO FAVOURITE SPA HOTELS OF MERANO.

Miramonti boutique hotel pool
view over Merano

Lake Como, Italy

Then of course, there’s the diamond of the Northern Italy – LAKE COMO .
More of our experiences and favorites you’ll find in the following articles : TORNO- A CHARMING VILLAGE ON LAKE COMO , IL SERENO – THE REAL GEM OF LAKE COMO and TOP 5 LAKE COMO HOTELS .

Lake Como hotel il sereno
il Sereno hotel pool and view over Lake Como

Helsinki and Stockholm

Then, back to the very North.
A couple hidden treasures to take a better look at.
First: HELSINKI, THE CITY OF DESIGN. Here you’ll find the BEST INSTAGRAM SPOTS of course, and BEST PLACES TO EAT in Helsinki. One of the most charming little summer cities in North.
From Helsinki you’ll easily get to Sweden, where you find one of our favourite summer cities also: Stockholm.
And in Stockholm, there’s this amazing little place, where we will probably keep visiting the rest of our lives:

helsinki streets

Coming soon

The travelling continues, in- and outside of the Europe.
Our next destination in Europe will be the lovely French Riviera.
Stay tuned, travellers!