2020 destinations

Another year is coming to its end and it’s time to start booking the 2020’s trips.
Müd’s travellers together have picked the best destinations for you to travel in 2020.


The first place in anyone’s mind when speaking about England must be London, the lively, pretty city that everyone has to visit and experience.
Ansd yes, we agree. Everyone needs to experience this great city and we would travel back any time to enjoy a little city-vacay in this urban and fascinating city life.

For an art lover London is a place to go – our traveller Miko gave us a great look to that on his previous article Frieze Week in London.

city view over LondonHowever, there’s much more to see and experience in England than “just” the great city of London.
Smaller cities like Oxford and Bath, or Liverpool are rich in culture and history and offer a lot to see and do, but aren’t as busy as London .

Also let’s not forget the amazing countryside destinations with the green and blossoming valleys, country roads and romantic destinations.
England has much more to offer, than many of us might first think.
The city life for the busy bees , and the amazing landscape for anyone seeking a geataway in peaceful, gorgeous countryside exploring the nature & the “old school” beautiful England.

england countryside
england countryside

Sicily, Italy

It’s not a secret, that in Müd we LOVE Italy.
Mostly we have been speaking about the northern side though, and now it’s time to focus on the beautiful treasure of the South: Sicily.
Italy’s most diverse island with the amazing coast and beaches, volcanoes, unicue nature and the great cities with truly fascinating history.

A few things you need to include to your Sicily to do- list:


The capital city with joyful, Italian atmosphere that we all love, great architecture and history, and the lively streets with markets and celebrations.

The volcanoes

The nature in Sicily with it’s uniqueness can’t be missed. Book a day to visit the National park and explore the great volcano Mt. Etna and it’s surroundings.


The place where you can see, feel and experience the fascinating history around you. Also where you can find the ruins of the temple of Athena.

For a nature lover the best time to visit Sicily starts in February – when the nature wakes up and starts blooming but it’s not too busy, and the weather is just nice. The closer to the spring we go, the closer is the amazing summer of Sicily and the lovely days at the white beaches sipping your coctails and enjoying great sea food.

sicily overview
Sicily streets in summer
Sicily beach in summer


Our traveller Miko has a lot to tell us about Japan, and we will be sharing a whole series about them soon.
To get it started, here are a few places we will be taking a closer look at :

Tokyo, of course.
Tokyo has it all and does it better than anyone. Whatever you are into, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to have a better version of it in Tokyo. This sprawling metropolis, with countless villages within cities within bigger cities somehow manages to have so much personality, flavour and edge at the same time as being completely manageable, green, safe, clean and friendly.

Tokyo street photography
tokyo street view
With Tokyo, comes Meguro

Meguro and its surrounding neighbourhoods are some of the most quaint in the whole of Tokyo. By no means the type of showstopper next door Shinjuku represents, Meguro is full of small boutiques, cafés and wine bars. Often overlooked by Tokyo visitors, this gentrified ward is home to a beautiful riverside with some of the best sakura during cherry-blossom season and countless museums and galleries. It’s at once familiar and exotic, like Tokyo is at its very best.

meguro japanHakone

Then last but definitely not least: After some dizzyingly busy days and inevitable nights out in Tokyo its normal to long for some tranquility and nature. Hakone is the perfect antidote to city life and has become a popular weekend getaway for Tokyoites and visiting tourists alike.

Let’s get back to these all very soon!

Marrakech, Morocco

We bet you’ve seen Marrakech on some of your favourite travellers’ feed during 2019 – we can tell, that this incredibly beautiful and fascinating city has been popping up more and more on social media, in captures that make us all wonder : what is this place and why haven’t I visited yet?

Marrakech is one of the cities in Maghreb, at the edge of Sahara desert.
It’s for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco and the beauty of it is just one of the many, many reasons to visit.

Marrakech morocco streetOthers would be the gorgeous architecture with all the beautiful palaces and colours, the shopping possibilities, the street markets and little boutiques at every street, it’s unique mix of cultures, and well.. the amount of experiences you won’t have anywhere else.

The life in Marrakech is so full of everything, that sometimes it can feel even overwhelming. The life, the culture, the music, the colours, parties.. but we love it!

Also the Sahara Desert near by makes it even more fascinating – who wouldn’t have dream

Marrakech Morocco is a once in a lifetime – experience we all should have.

marrakech morocco restaurant
marrakech colors morocco
marrakech by night

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The most beautiful town in Croatia, some say.
A walled, historic city by the crystal clear sea and the rocky mountain peaks.
This charming city is one of the Europe’s little treasures we just couldn’t adore more:
It just has it all – in it’s unique way.
A weekend getaway or a week to mix in both: some adventure and some beaching (read: doing nothing).

Hills and stairs and the mountain paths for the outdoor and sports lover, the city for a history lover, the beach, the most beautiful sunsets, great food and wine in small, local places, friendly atmosphere and the calmness around the city.

The beauty of Dubrovnik city is something you just can’t get enough of.
One can get lost for hours and hours just wandering the rocky streets between the old, beautiful buildings of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
And of course: your travel photos will be a-mazing.

view over Dubrovnik croatia
view over dubrovnik Croatia