Arriving to French Riviera , Côte d’Azur

The glamorous reputation of French Riviera is not an illusion – it surely deserves it well.
As one of the Europe’s most popular travel destinations it’s known for its sunny weather, the gorgeous, rocky coastline, sandy beaches and the lovely atmosphere.
And, of course, the seashore promenades with the luxury yachts and exclusive beach clubs.

The surrounding area covers many lovely and lively cities and little towns as well as the lovely landscape with its vineyards and old-century like villages and castles.

French Riviera landscape

The towns of French Riviera

Unfortunately, we can’t write about every little town and every place we love, so we had to pick a few of our (and many other’s) favourites:
Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Antibes.
Between these five, it’s impossible to pick the favourite.. we’ll let you decide.

flower bouquets in french village

Saint Tropez

Probably the most famous one of the French Riviera towns. Actually it’s “only” a village.
The first image of Saint Tropez in most of our minds is, of course, the glamorous waterfront streets with the luxurious yachts, exclusive restaurants and clubs and all the glamour.. Yes, the town has it all, but it has a lot more too.

What’s amazing is that even the town of Saint Tropez really is small, compared to other cities around like Nice, it offers all the exclusivity and is the perfect option for example for a weekend or a few days stay. 

Great, great restaurants, amazingly beautiful coastline with the pretty walking paths, great shopping possibilities and of course – a great nightlife!

When it comes to hotels, there are plenty of tempting options and it’s hard to pick the best one- scrolling through them makes you want to book each and every one.
Book a night or two in this gorgeous little town with the big city mindset, to enjoy the atmosphere and the luxurious life at the sunny shore for a bit.

Also, wander a little bit deeper into this little town’s streets and enjoy the calm, little town’s atmosphere.

the coastline of saint tropez with luxury yachts
Saint Tropez beach club


Oh, there’s no place like Nice.
The city where all the enjoyments and the best little parts of living at the coast are brought together.
What makes Nice the best place to visit in French Riviera must be the lovely two : Italian and French culture and living perfectly mixed together. What more could we ask?
Palm trees, beaches, attractions, beautiful streets and the lovely, sunny weather.
The sun and the sea, and the lovely city life too. They’re all there. 300 days of sunshine a year – you can’t go wrong with Nice.

Good news for foodies too: Nice is the place that never keeps you hungry or thirsty. Italian and French cuisine together, little pasta places, coffee shops, excellent restaurants and snack places at every corner.
All the loveliest tastes of France and Italy tied together – there’s no place for a foodie like Nice.

Of course, there’s the cultural side too. For one fascinated by art or history, there are plenty of attractions and places to discover.
The lovely thing about Nice is, there are both: the lovely beach life and the lively city life.
Enjoy the slow living under the palm tree sipping your drink one day and spend the next one discovering the charming old town, getting to know some history and shopping your heart out, of course.
Also the great thing is, from Nice you’ll have the access to the other, smaller cities around very easily.

nizza coastline
pink house in nice France
nice France city and the beach


Another glamorous city, much smaller than Nice, but it manages to have everything in it that is needed to impress and fascinate you by it’s impressive atmosphere and looks.

The first thing that comes into mind thinking about Cannes myst be walking down the gorgeous streets, surrounded by the designer shops, galleries and little bars and restaurants.
For the “Cannes feeling” check out the famous promenade La Croisette – for some luxury brand shopping or just enjoying the lovely setup, the  city life at it’s best and some window shopping.
Everything in Cannes is beautiful and classy.

The beach life in Cannes won’t let you down either – that little extra sparkle has been added everywhere. It’s all about enjoying the fine living in this little town.
The picturesque city promenades and the sandy beaches – the best parts of the French Riviera are here too, giving their best.
Book a couple days in Cannes, just to enjoy the unique atmosphere and taste the sparkle of this glamorous town!
Also, this is the place to take the amazing photos: every street and every corner calls the Instagramers!

cannes street view
restaurant terrace in cannes
cannes luxury brands street



Perfectly located between the two treasures of French Riviera, Nice and Cannes, the town of Antibes is a must-visit. Here’s why:
This photogenic beauty is not only the place of numerous beaches to enjoy the seaside living, but also has the most gorgeous old town to visit.
Old Antibes will steal your heart in a second with its narrow streets, historic buildings and architecture, little restaurants and it’s romantic atmosphere and flower arrangements all around the little streets and market places.
Antibes has also been an inspiration for many artists and writers.

You can easily spend a day or two wandering around this lovely town without even realizing the time passing by.
Discovering the lovely town and the streets of it will take time – believe us. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.
The beaches and the rocky coast with it’s historic castles and city walls, the great outdoor restaurants and bars to stop by and enjoy the seaside living make you want to stay in this little French dream forever.

And of course, like in any other cities at the coast, you’ll find the glamorous shores with the luxury and glamour.
There’s a little bit of everything to steal your heart in this town.

antibes view
morning sun in antibes
sunset in antibes

Picking the hotels for a trip to French Riviera towns must be one of the hardest things – not because there weren’t any, but because the list of tempting options is endless.

About this Miko will be sharing his best experiences on the next article!