Mykonos is not only known of it’s never sleeping party scene, but of it’s beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, beautiful sunsets and Shopping areas!
We would say it’s impossible not to do a little shopping in Mykonos, if you’re wandering the streets of Mykonos Town. 
So that you wouldn’t need to wander around all the rambling streets of Mykonos Town to find the best shopping areas and spots, we collected our best tips together on this one post.

This is your little guide for shopping in Mykonos Town!

Mykonos Town shopping highlights include mono brand shops by Palm Angels, Off-White and Balenciaga
Mykonos Town shopping highlights include mono brand shops by Palm Angels, Off-White and Balenciaga.

Shopping in Mykonos Town

In Mykonos Town, for one looking for clothes, unique  accessories or pieces of art, there are plenty of options. Actually, there are stores at every corner – and it’s pretty easy to get lost to the labyrinthine streets of the “Chora”.

Anyway, it’s not hard to find your way to the alleys of the Mykonos Town, filled with all the charming boutiques and shops. You can easily just wander around the streets and find your way to all kinds of interesting shops.

Famous shopping streets

To mention a couple of the streets worth checking out, remember the Matoyianni street, and the Back to the Matoyianni Street.
Matoyianni is the street known by all: locals and tourists. There you will find all the best (clothing) designer stores, jewerly designers and stores, other accessories and of course the souvenirs too.

The shops will remain open until late, and you’ll be able to walk around even at late night time to do some shopping. The stores won’t close before midnight on the summer time.
What could be more fun than have some late night drinks at the town and do some shopping at night time, without sweating in the sunshine and missing any of the best sunbathing hours!?

As we mentioned, the most famous street for shopping in Mykonos must be the Matoyianni street, full of shops and market stalls, all kinds of jewellery, clothes, designer stores and also several café’s and restaurants to take some pit stops to keep your body happy and hydrated!

Something for everyone

The streets of Mykonos town are filled with little, unique stores and boutiques – from these you can find the most unique pieces of clothing and accessories, that are handmade and actually a great quality.
Mykonos is also known of it’s beautiful, handcrafted sandals. A tip to remember when looking for the perfect summer pair for the Festival season!

When it comes to jewellery stores, there will be endless options. You’ll find them everywhere, at every corner. They are worth checking out though, to find some unique, handmade pieces of gold and silver.

In Mykonos Town you’ll find every kinds of shops.
The lovely thing is, that all of them, high-end clothing and Brand stores and little boutiques and souvenir stores are all together, on the same street, next to each other.
There’s something for everyone!

Stores to check out in Mykonos Town

One of the most interesting, local jewellery stores on Matoyianni must be Delos Dolphins.
What comes to clothing, you might want to check out Soho-Soho designer store – loved by several celebrities also.
For the luxury and high quality, Soho-Soho is the store.
Another high-end clothing boutique that we wouldn’t miss is Linea Piu, also offering some of the finest brands like Chanel, Tom Ford and Blumarine.

For the ultimate shine and luxury, there’s another Jewelry store, Georgios & Co, located on Agia Anna street.
One of the most charming jewelry stores around.

Mykonos Town streets

Art Galleries

Mykonos Town is also a must see for art lovers.
On the streets in the middle of all the stores and cafés there are many small, unique galleries to be found, selling local artists’ and designers’ works.

For shopping in Mykonos, go to the Mykonos Town and start from the Matoyianni street!