Dreamy, luxurious, peaceful … There are many beautiful words to describe the Maldives.
And they are all true.
Palm trees, crystal clear water and white sand. A resort by the water.
What more could a person ask for the perfect holiday away from the busy life?

Now in December the best time to visit the Maldives has actually started.
December through April is the dry season, which is known as the best possible time to visit Maldives.
As the most popular time to visit the Maldives, it’s also a bit more expensive time when it comes to hotels and flights.

Basically it doesn’t matter what time of the year you travel to the Maldives, you’ll find it all: white sands, palm trees, blue waters and the warm weather.

But to make sure you’ll be there at the most perfect time, schedule your trip on the dry season.
And remember: when planning and booking a trip to the Maldives, the earlier the better.

Who wouldn’t love a Christmas on white sands instead of the cold, white snow…

A tropical paradise will surround you on the ground, but the most breathtaking part is somewhere else: under the water.
The life under the turquoise water is truly amazing and something that everyone visiting the Maldives should experience.
Finding a diving company should not be an issue anywhere at the Maldives.
You’ll find all kinds of fun water activities to try out , but if you’ll only go with one, we recommend you to pick the diving.

The Maldives are the place where people come to relax.
The most beautiful and peaceful resorts surrounded by “unreal” beauty of the sea and nature are something that life nowhere else will ever look like.

Read a good book on the white beach, enjoy your drink on a boat at the sunset, go and see the corals from a glass-bottomed boat, take a nap under the palm tree, enjoy your breakfast in bed and jump to the blue water straight from your bedroom, do some island hopping… 

The Maldives are also a perfect destination for all: families, couples, friends or single travelers.
Hotels and resorts offer various options where you’ll find anything: a child-friendly options, quiet resorts, adults only- places.. whatever your heart desires.We will come to these later.

Soon in becoming articles we will tell you more about our favourite activities and places to stay.
Stay tuned and join discovering the Maldives with us!