Let’s take a walk on beautiful, spacious streets and breathe in the charming atmosphere of modern, trendy and lively city – Helsinki in the summer.

Wherever you turn, your eyes will be spoiled with the architecture of northern Scandinavia, and all the designs that make you suddenly want to renew your wardrobe.. if not the whole house.
For a design lover Helsinki is the place of endless treasures, and oh, also the place that makes your money disappear faster than you would ever imagine it happening.

Don’t get this wrong, Helsinki city is super safe and people’s honesty will most likely surprise you, for example if you get lost touristing around and something like your wallet turns out to be missing.
You probably just left it to the Cafe you stopped by and before you even notice it, someone is calling you to bring it back to you.
People in Helsinki could be described by these three words : honest, polite and helpful.

What the most possibly makes your money disappear is “a quick visit” to Design District: https://designdistrict.fi/en/ in Punavuori . “An area full of design and antique shops, fashion stores, museums, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms.”

In punavuori you will also find the Helsinki Design Museum which -by the way – is just one of numerous museums worth visiting in the city.
You might want to start from Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art: https://kiasma.fi/en/.

Urban designs, artsy cafes, drinks in the garden, fashion shopping, culture …
Helsinki takes an excellent care of anyone desiring these things.

But that’s not all.
Close to the center of Helsinki you will find it all: beautiful Finnish nature and places to relax and enjoy the short but lovely summer of the North.

Let’s have a better look at it nex time !